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Energooszczednosc s.c.
ul. Partyzantow 40/15
81-423 Gdynia, Poland

  +48 669 144 400

Hihippo SHP aerator 3.8 - 8.0 l/min START/STOP

Product photos:

Price: 5,95 €

Technical parameters:

Savings: 48% compared to a normal aerator

Maximum flow: 3.8 - 8.0 litres per minute depending on the water pressure

Special features: START/STOP button

Dimensions: 24x24x23 mm (D x W x H)

Limescale resistance: high

Product description:

The Hihippo SHP aerator is not only highly water-efficient, but it will also surprise you with its interesting feature: a START/STOP button. You can press the button at any time and water will stop running; press it again and the flow will continue. Thanks to this solution you will generate savings as you can instantaneously stop the water flow when it is not needed. Kitchen taps are frequently turned on and off, which makes them easily dirtied and causes wear, while the water temperature needs constant regulation. The Hihippo SHP aerator solves all the above problems and is a perfect product for the kitchen. The flow rate ranges from 1.8 to 4.2 litres per minute and depends on the water pressure in the system. The mechanism is absolutely faultless and there is no set limit to the number of times the button can be pressed. The stream from this aerator is the classic aerated flow.


Energooszczednosc s.c.
ul. Partyzantow 40/15
81-423 Gdynia, Poland

  +48 669 144 400


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